Exclusive Lashes FAQ's

Why are these lashes Exclusive?

These beautiful lashes are exclusive because of their quality. You wont find better quality anywhere.

What makes these different from the other lashes you sell?

All of these lashes were made with you in mind. The bands on these lashes are made of super soft flexcotton so that you wont have to bother with flexing your lashes to mold them into the shape you want.

Why do these cost more than the others?

Again, quality. These lashes were exclusivly and personally designed to look like no other lashes. The curl pattern on these lashes are much more curly, longer, softer, and the patterns are unique also. The exclusive packaging also takes part in the price. These rhinestone boxes are keepsake boxes! Perfect to store your lashes in and multiple pairs for travel if youd like. Also they are very aesthetically pleasing and will look beautiful on your vanity for decoration.

What comes with the lashes?

Every exclusive pair of lashes will come with a pink spooly to groom your exclusive lashes with. Not only is it a much needed thing when cleaning your lashes with, but its also a nice gesture.